Saturday, 25 February 2012

Piggy Bank - Oink Oink

As some of you know, my gorgeous baby dog passed away before Christmas. A friend of mine who used to be a vetinary nurse came over in the middle of the night and stayed up with me until I could take my precious Chi to the vets, Her little 3 year old son slept in my bed whilst we cried and talked and waited.

It transpired that he didn't have a piggy bank... and I had one I bought at the NEC so I made him one and Santa dropped it off on Christmas Eve, It was the first thing I made after that awful day. Decoupatch is very therapeutic. Just grab a cup of tea, put on the TV and get the brush and glue, rip the paper and start sticking... of all the ones I have made they never look wrong - they always seem to look perfect.

When you feel down and not feeling creative, this is the perfect answer to keeping your hands busy :)

I thought about putting googly eyes on it but thought that may look a bit creepy :)


Scrap Affair said...

Stunning colors! Adorable)

Zuzu's Blog said...

i love this little piggy.