Sunday, 6 July 2008

Craft Room Project

I have been intending to work on a project to convert my small bedroom into a craft room for quite some time now. My crafting has taken over what should be a dining room - so having friends over for dinner tends to prove a challenge. So now I am working on it and my goal is to have it done in the next couple of months and definitely before Christmas! So this weekend, i sketched my ideas of what I want it to look like (working to a tight budget), and to start me off I decorated these wooden letters that I got off ebay. They were simply painted with white acrylic paint and the flourishes stamped in black. They will be going above the door in my new craft room.

I will start posting pictures soon of how I progress - but right now I need to declutter the room of all junk first so I can start decorating :)


Annapurna said...

This is really gorgeous. Hpw big are these letters? I would love to make something like this for my kids rooms.

I subscribed to your blog on google reader and since I don't see the kitties on the blog and there are so many Debbies I didn't know who was who.

I know it has been a while, but hope you had a great trip to over here. Did you get lots of goodies?

Anonymous said...

I really like how youve decorated the letters - simple but a truly classic timeless design.
Have fun designing and sorting out your new craft room - hope we get to see some pics once completed!

lottie said...

Oh how wonderful - I look forward to the piccies.

Before and during and after please

LazyKay said...

That's a lovely title you've made there.

It must be the time of year. Tracey (blog here has been to this place for her storage units.

She recommends it.

Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Karen said...

these are fab Debbie, gorgeous and clean looking, love the black and white. Good luck with the craft room. :-)

Zuzu's Blog said...

OO I saw those when they were naked lol.. nice job x

classy and understated .. like you