Sunday 11 October 2009

I'm a Craft Room and I am 1 Year Old!

One year ago today my craft room was born, so I thought it would be a good idea to blog what it looks like after a year of love. I tried to take similar shots to the ones I blogged a year ago to see the difference. Granted I did tidy it up first but everything is still pretty much organised. I guess one of the biggest differences is there seems to be quite a bit of Twilight stuff in here now :)

Thursday 8 October 2009

Artisan show 2009

Wow - has it really been since July that I blogged! Life has been somewhat crazy and then my house was broken into whilst I was at work - that was not a fun time at all. So it is a month now since the burglary and my house is now like Fort Knox thanks to my Dad!

I decided to go to the Artisan Show. Well it's a 6 minute drive for me living in Leamington Spa! And I'm glad I went as it was VERY GOOD!! It was smaller than the NEC show, but was definitely for a more target audience. The main focus of the stalls (other than jewellery making) was indeed stamping, mixed media and altered art.

There were many advanced demo’s. I bought two new things/techniques to try for myself. One is beading (snowflakes to decorate my living room at Christmas and some bookmarks) and one is decopatch. It wasn’t as busy and packed as the NEC – but that was better – not overcrowded, you could easily see the demos, without being budged. You didn’t have to fight your way through the masses. It was peaceful, calming and educational.

Which is probably why I bought far too much. I had a measly £40 so kept saying – do you take credit card? I didn't get paid until today and the insurance money has only just arrived. Luckily (or unluckily) many of them did take a card! There was more time to talk to exhibitors and discuss new trends etc.

The atmosphere was so lovely. So here is my stash of goodies from the show … it was retail therapy, I keep tellling myself :)

This stamp had me laughing so I had to buy it.